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My dream of performing in an eighties new wave cover band has been fulfilled. We played our first show at Sonotheque July 22 with Bobby Conn. Rachael took a pic.


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Just Squatted Home Welcoming Kit

3762944727_e89bb256ea Put together a suitcase kit that can be used to squat homes. The kit was part of the Get It Together Show at C-PS. Flickr images of the show are here. Pamphlets and fliers describe how to squat abandoned property and also how to use  the tools in the kit. Conceptualy it’s nice but i think i need to execute it better.

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Reuben Kincaid Realty

I have been conducting additional research for re-housing strategies and squatting for the Reuben Kincaid Realty Project.

Mortgage Squatting, Home Defender, and community housing re-development projects like Giroscope and Empty Homes seem to be the most interesting and less controversial forms of squatting that might appeal to Americans. It seems that I might create guidelines for squatters to occupy homes (primarily foreclosed homes) and publish it in order to give some very local tips and strategies to pull it off in say, a neighborhood like Bridgeport.

In the meantime I will be working in a Just Squatted Home Welcoming Kit for the upcoming Get It Together show at our space this July 24.

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